Cioccolata per bar
Roots of Chocolate Natural Experience

Con Roots of Chocolate Natural Experiance, Arthemia has designed a complete System That Meets Local Wishes ALL: who wants to present concise but still a quality offer, one who wants to offer an experience of complete and total consumption.

Migliori Infusi per bar pasticceria
Roots of Tea Natural Experience

The collection of tea Roots of Tea Natural Experience includes 18 blends of tea and infusions of high quality leaf, 24 exclusive flavors of tea in filter 12 of which are 100% organic.

tea infusion freddo
Ice Tea Infusion

The precious single-portion mixes of Ice Tea Infusion, with true tealeaves, allow you serving a fresh ice tea that releases its taste and aroma through the natural process of infusion in its exclusive dedicated teapot.

madame le crepe prodotti Arthemia
Madame le Crepe

Madame la Crêpe Arthemia is the original system suitable for any premise to serve tasty crêpes in one thousand recipes: with the addition of ice-cream, for the gourmands, and smaller on a dedicated dish for children.

herr wafel prodotti bar
Herr Wafel

Herr Wafel is the soft and fragrant waffle to be served in different recipes. And thanks to the selection of four tasty types of filling, Herr Wafel can be transformed in a while into a peculiar dessert suitable for adults and beloved by kids.

rollerpoint Arthemia
Roller Point

Roller Point is a nice stall on wheels, where to put the exclusive Arthemia gelato in order to create a practical corner for gelato or frozen yoghurt.

orzo ginseng horeca prodotti
Orzo Ginseng

Two unique drinks, rigorously caffeine-free, with an inebriating and strong flavour, ideal for everybody thanks to their well-known healthy properties. 100% of vitality and energy, even in a cold shaken version.

mandorla prodotti bar
Bocconcini di mandorla

The almond Bocconcini are soft pastries packed in single-portion. They were thought to give a touch of sweetness and enrich your service. Ideal served with espresso coffee and delicious together with the collection of Arthemia creams.

crema gelato prodotti horeca Arthemia
Creme di Gelato

The “Creme di Gelato” Arthemia are a range of cold, soft, delicious and never icy creams to prepare by means of a slush machine. Unique collection on the market including seven creams starting from the traditional coffee cream of true Mediterranean tradition.

frutta yogurt prodotti horeca Arthemia
Frutta & Yogurt

Frutta&Yogurt is a fresh yoghurt cream in 13 recipes, high quality in terms of taste and genuineness, to rediscover in each moment the pleasure of one of the most beloved sweet flavours in the Mediterranean culture. Ready in one minute with a blender or a mixer.

gelato yougurt prodotti pasticceria horeca Arthemia
Gelato & Yogurt gelato

The Arthemia Gelato is a fresh and creamy product ideal in every season. Always fresh whipped, never too icy thanks to careful preparation and genuine ingredients. Very good alone, it becomes surprising with cream of fruit ripples. Perfect if prepared by means of batch freezer or practical Arthemia-branded gelato maker.

prodotti bar tea

In order to taste directly at home a creamy hot chocolate, The Roots of Chocolate or very good The Roots of Tea, Arthemia created exclusive gift confections such as the original White Tea Book. A package including a range of precious teabags and wonderful pages telling the magic world of tea.

art blender system prodotti Arthemia
Art Blender System

Art Blender System is the new exclusive project of Arthemia to achieve the utmost advantage from single-portion system: always-fresh products, wide range of tastes and quickness in preparation. The system is based on a special compact blender easy to use, ideal to enrich and vary everyday offers in your shop.

prodotti granita bar pasticceria horeca
La Granita è Vita

“La Granita è Vita” is a genuine product available in 11 flavours, all fresh, tasty and Mediterranean.Thanks to Fruit Selection bottles and Art Blender System you will serve fresh slushes in a while. The exclusive counter menu completes the offer.